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Visit Göbekli Tepe and feel the pulse of time…

Here at Göbekli Tepe lie the remains of the earliest religious structures built by man yet to be discovered.


At about 11000-13000 years old this site pre-dates both pottery and writing and is far older that either Stonehenge in England or the great Egyptian Pyramids. In fact, less time separates us from the builders of Stonehenge than separates the builders of Stonehenge from the last known use of Göbekli Tepe.


Göbekli Tepe may have been in use as a point of gathering for religious and ritual events for over 2000 years and it represents a major advance in our understanding of man’s early history.

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    Daily departures
    Şanlıurfa – (no overnight)

    In Şanlıurfa (Urfa) you will be met by your driver. You will travel to the on-going archaeological dig at Göbekli Tepe. Göbekli Tepe is one of the most important archaeological digs currently being undertaken anywhere in the world – this site represents a major shift in our understanding of man’s cultural evolution.

    Drive back to Şanlıurfa. Visit the Şanlıurfa Archaeological and Mosaic Museum, which is the largest museum complex in Turkey. Then onto the Pools of Abraham and the Cave where local tradition says the Prophet Abraham was born.

    Transfer to Şanlıurfa airport.

    Self-guided tour (driver only) does not include museum and site entries.

    Price in dollars (US)

    Number of People Cost per vehicle
    1 car (up to 3 people) $395
    Minibus (4-7 people) $790
    Bus (8+ people) Please enquire

    Price includes: Driver and all road transport.

    Not included: Beverages, personal expenses, meals and visas
    (Please contact us if you require any information regarding flights)

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    Optional tour extensions are available to destinations in the region.




Regions Visited

Eastern Anatolia, South Eastern Anatolia

Fitness Level Low - Able to walk up to 500 metres over level ground.
What is included?

All road transport (tolls etc) Driver Only All state and local taxes All museum and site entries Airport Transfers

What is not included

All meals (Unless otherwise stated) Personal expenses Beverages Insurance (unless otherwise stated)

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Please note that there is a 20% surcharge for single room occupancy.
Please note that it is essential that you have purchased travel insurance for all parts of Turkey. It is your responsibility to organise the correct cover but we are happy to advise.

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Did you know...


More time separates the builders of Göbekli Tepe from the builders of Stonehenge than separates the builders of Stonehenge from us.

Did you know...


Sanliurfa originally known as the ancient city of Edessa. This was the first state to accept Christianity approximately 190 AD.

Did you know...


Local tradition states that the Prophet Abraham was born here. His home for a short time was Haran just a short distance away which is mentioned in the Bible.

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