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An Ancient Turkish secret to make you happy

09 August 2022 Sally

There's an old Turkish saying "When God wants to make a poor man happy. He causes him to lose his donkey, then find it again", or in Turkish "Tanrı bit fakirimutlu ekmek istediğinde, eşeğini kaybettirir,...

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The Place That Rewrote History

31 July 2022 Sally

In 1995 an excavation began which would lead to a ground-breaking discovery that would literally re-write history, you simply wouldn’t believe what has been unearthed. About 18 years ago we first visited Göbekli Tepe when...

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Cult room of stone phalluses discovered on Turkish Hillside

23 July 2022 Sally

A Ceremonial Chamber or Prehistoric Pride Event? A cult room of stone phalluses has been discovered on a remote Turkish hillside. Karahantepe is an exciting new site an hour`s drive from Göbekli Tepe. It falls...

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Secret Paradise that time forgot…

22 July 2022 Eastern Turkey Tours

A rare place where ocean, lake and river meet, offering a unique experience. For those of you who have become tired of mass tourist beaches with acres of bodies jostling for sunbeds and umbrellas, concrete...

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Tantalisingly Turkish

21 February 2021 Sally

Yummy, scrummy, mouth-watering are a just a few adjectives to describe Turkish food. Fully-loaded plates with aromatic ingredients and taste bud popping experiences. A Culinary Journey Along the Silk Roads of Anatolia Traditional cheese making...

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Urfa Man

01 April 2020 Sally

The Urfa Man statue is the oldest full-size sculpture of a human being yet discovered. Dating to about 9,000 BC, the statue is an iconic figure for Şanlıurfa and is a prominent feature of the...

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Göbekli Tepe and the Legend of the Shahmaran

03 October 2019 Sally

Göbekli Tepe, the ancient Neolithic site in eastern Turkey, features many animals among its motifs.  One of the most prominent of the creatures depicted there is the snake.  It is interesting therefore that the snake...

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Nemrut – Where is it?

03 July 2019 Sally

    Nimrod is a Biblical figure who was King in the Land of Shinar; he was the son of Cush, the son of Ham, the son of Noah. He was “a mighty hunter before...

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Sumela Monastery

29 May 2019 Sally

    Accessed from Trabzon, the Sumela Monastery is one of Turkey’s iconic monuments. Situated in the Black Sea region of North East Turkey, Sumela clings to a sheer cliff commanding a majestic view of...

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The day I found Noah’s Ark

28 May 2019 Sally

Last year Don Black and his son visited us and toured the Van and Ararat regions. Don wrote an article about his experience which was published in a British Regional Newspaper, The East Anglian Times...

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