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Süleymaniye Mosque by Evliya Celebi, a great Ottoman traveller

01 May 2024 Sally

Evliya Celebi, the great Ottoman traveller, was an Istanbul boy: a true Istanbullu, as the locals describe themselves. It’s no surprise then, that the first book of his travels, and the longest and most detailed,...

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Evliya Çelebi, the great Ottoman traveller

09 October 2023 Sally

Evliya Çelebi, the great Ottoman traveller and diarist, was born in Istanbul in 1611 into a prominent artisan family with connections to the Imperial household; his father was Goldsmith to the Sultan.  This position gave...

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Şanliurfa – A Portal In Time

02 September 2023 Sally

Located in south-eastern Turkey and in the northern arc of the Fertile Crescent, Şanlıurfa (or Urfa, as the locals call it) is a city with a truly ancient pedigree; it is a Portal In Time....

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Karahan Tepe Revisited

29 June 2023 Sally

Karahan Tepe is one of the Pre Pottery Neolithic Sites emerging in what is known as the Taş Tepeler Region of Southeast Turkey in the Province of Şanlıurfa.  Taş Tepeler simply means stone hills and...

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Sacred Citadel

07 June 2023 Sally

Urartu was an indigenous Kingdom occupying the area of what is now Eastern Anatolia, the Republic of Armenia, North Western Iran and Northern Iraq in the first part of the first millennium BC. Renowned as...

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The City of the Blind

02 April 2023 Sally

The Golden Horn, the main artery of ancient Byzantium and now modern Istanbul, is a perfect harbour. One of the Great Harbours of the World. When the founders of Byzantium colonists from the Greek City...

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The Mountain of Pain

12 March 2023 Sally

Ararat is the highest peak in the Eastern Anatolian Highlands. It is 5,137 metres in elevation and rises 3,512 metres above Doğubeyazıt ; it is a Stratovolcano dominating the highland plain around it. It might...

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Are you happy?

24 February 2023 Sally

Are you happy? It’s a question we are often asked. In the United States they actually have a Constitutional right, if not to actually have it, at least to “pursue” it. They seem to think...

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From Ale to Eternity

17 February 2023 Sally

Whoever thought that Ale - or "liquid bread" - would come about because of something called Wandering Wheat? But it is true! Wild wheat (or grasses) still grow in southeast Anatolia. Although supplanted by large...

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How bread came to mankind: It’s a long story but…….

06 February 2023 Sally

There are parts of the world where the mystical and sacred intersect with the mundane and profane, which gently exhale a sacred breath and while they attract veneration and respect from different peoples and cultures...

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