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From this page you can travel the length and breadth of Turkey. Start your adventure here... 1 Choose your dream destination or...

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Eastern Turkey Tours splat bookings

Our "holiday destinations experience" takes in all the sights, tastes, cultural and historical wonders Turkey has to offer in specific, compact locations....

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Eastern Turkey Tours splat bookings
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Fancy designing your dream holiday.... it's easy, just follow these simple instructions. 1 Choose your dream destination or mix of destinations. 2...

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“A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum.” Diyarbakir doesn’t really feature on the itinerary for most tourists but if you want see a Roman Forum pretty much...


The Winter Solstice was believed by our distant ancestors to be that point at which the Sun appeared to stand still and life rekindles after the extremes of winter. While...


Endymion was a young, handsome shepherd living on the slopes of Mt. Latmos, a place in Western Anatolia considered sacred since Neolithic times. According to an ancient legend, Endymion grazed...


As featured in Graham Hancock’s 2022 Netflix Series. A new series offers a different theory behind the creation of the ancient underground cities of Cappadocia. Ancient Apocalypse delves into sites...


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“Trip of a Lifetime!!! Brilliant!!!! One month in Eastern Turkey was very exciting and meaningful, experiencing all these wonderful places from a local point of view, which I absolutely loved and appreciate! Wow!!! Definitely planning a second trip...”
ZainiTahir from Singapore
“Exceptional - My first time in Eastern Turkey and thanks to my guide Sabahattin it was a great life experience... He did the impossible and managed to show me these places to make my trip exceptional.”
Dalia S from Egypt
“Excellent - We used Alkan Tour to organise a trip for 20 friends. Sabahattin was everything we needed....he was honest and fun. We did another tour with him to the Causasus the year after and I would use him again anytime.”


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