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Luxury at Empire's Edge Hotel brochure
Hotel Brochure montage brochure

Get an insight into some of the most lavish, beautiful and authentic hotels you can stay at whilst enjoying one of our fantastic guided tours of Eastern Turkey.

Scheduled Tour Brochures
Tantalisingly Turkish brochure

  A culinary journey along the Silk Roads of Anatolia In the great cities of the world, fashionable chefs vie to produce innovative dishes for jaded pallets. The result has...

12 Day Tour of Eastern Turkey brochure

Beginning in Trabzon - the ancient city of Trebizond- taking in such sights as Ani, the palace of Ishak Pasha, Ararat, the soon to be sunken ruins of Hasankeyf, the...

Treasures of Eastern Turkey brochure

Comprehensive tour of all the principle civilisations of Eastern Turkey.

Fabulous Turkey brochure

Covering all the principle sites of Aegean and Mediterranean Turkey and Cappadocia.  

Between Ararat & The Caucasus brochure

Comprehensive tour incorporating Eastern Turkey, Georgia and Armenia with beautiful views of Mount Ararat.

Ancient Cappadocia to Göbekli Tepe brochure

An exceptional tour of the Megalithic sites of Turkey. Experience a rich cultural heritage, where you can literally get close to the stones. 3 day tour extension (optional): 780 USD...

Trekking Mount Ararat brochure

Mount Ararat is a standard four day trek, although some people manage to climb to the top in three. All measurements are estimates because distance and elevation markers do not...

Alternative Tour Brochures
Megalithic Caucasus and Eastern Anatolia brochure

This tour takes in prehistoric and megalithic sites of Armenia and Eastern Anatolia.   The tour links together the Ancient Urartian cities of Yerevan and Van by circumnavigating the Biblical Mountain...

Experience Istanbul: a world city brochure

Our short breaks experience takes in all the sights, tastes, cultural and historical wonders Istanbul has to offer. Istanbul Tours can be organised for 3, 4 or 5 days either as...

Göbekli Tepe – Daily Departures brochure

Visit Göbekli Tepe and feel the pulse of time... Here at Göbekli Tepe lie the remains of the earliest religious structures built by man yet to be discovered. At about 11000-13000 years...

Lake Bafa, the other side of Bodrum brochure

Lake Bafa, The Other Side of Bodrum Also included with this tour is a 3 hour boat trip to view the island monasteries in Lake Bafa. Just one hour from...

Experience Cappadocia: Where history breathes brochure

This part of central Turkey is famous for its bizarre rock formations produced over time by the elements in what is an ancient volcanic region.  First seriously exploited by the...

Four Day Tour of Lake Van Region brochure

The region of Lake Van really is a tour of romance. Starting with the romantic palace of Ishak Pasha in its splendid location and ending with the breathtaking and uplifting...

Gulet cruising along the Lycian Coast brochure

A Lycian Coast cruise offers the delights of relaxing and chilling whilst cruising from ancient harbour to secluded cove along the spectacular Lycian coast of south west Turkey. Snorkelling on...

The Silk Road across Turkey brochure

What is the Silk Road? The Silk Road, or as the Turks referred to it, Uzun Yol (Long Road), is an ancient trade route connecting the occident and the orient; running between...

Tbilisi city break brochure

Tbilisi is probably the ideal short city break, with everything in easy distance and with an architectural gem around every corner.  It is impossible to be bored. Tbilisi is a...

A Pilgrimage to Akdamar & Lake Van brochure

This is a four day (five nights) tour of Armenian churches and monasteries south and east of Lake Van. Explore Lake Van and its surroundings, from Varakavank (The Seven Churches)...

The Grand Tour of Eastern Turkey brochure

The Grand Tour of Eastern Turkey is a luxury tour that will allow you to experience the best that this extraordinary region has to offer in cultural, geographic and historical...

The Lands of Ararat and the Golden... brochure

This is an extraordinary 18 day, (also available as a 12 day tour) three nation fully escorted tour that encompasses the lands of Ararat and the mythical land of Colchis;...

10 Day tour to Ancient Cappadocia brochure

Of all the tours to Cappadocia available on the market, this tour is without question unique. This tour covers the region of Ancient Cappadocia, starting in Ankara and visiting the...

Trekking Lake Van, Nemrut & Suphan brochure

Trekking Lake Van, Nemrut Crater and Mt Suphan. This tour will take you completely around the extraordinary and beautiful Lake Van with its unique geology and stunning, wide open spaces....