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Nemrut – Where is it?

03 July 2019 Sally

    Nimrod is a Biblical figure who was King in the Land of Shinar; he was the son of Cush, the son of Ham, the son of Noah. He was “a mighty hunter before...

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Sumela Monastery

29 May 2019 Sally

Accessed from Trabzon, the Sumela Monastery is one of Turkey’s iconic monuments. Situated in the Black Sea region of North East Turkey, Sumela clings to a sheer cliff commanding a majestic view of the upper...

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The day I found Noah’s Ark

28 May 2019 Sally

Last year Don Black and his son visited us and toured the Van and Ararat regions. Don wrote an article about his experience which was published in a British Regional Newspaper, The East Anglian Times...

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Neolithic Rave

20 May 2019 Sally

Depiction of bowl showing dancers with turtle from Nevali Çori, possibly showing turtle as a psychopomp or spirit guide of a living person's soul Over the past 30 years or so, South East Turkey has been...

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What’s in a name? The things you learn on your...

29 April 2019 Sally

In a rapidly growing world where most of us now live in city sprawls and where even villages are gobbling up ancient places with important histories, memories are quickly disappearing. But memories do live on...

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Göbekli Tepe

22 April 2019 Sally

  "What is it with the handbags"? A huge amount of energy is expended on the subject of “bags” because this particular accessory seems to appear right across the world in ancient art and monumental...

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The Chariot Makers of Urartu

24 March 2019 Sally

Upper Anzaf Fortress, 10 km just east of Van is a curious place. At first glance there's not a lot to see. Just the remnants of a long stone wall skirting the hill. They could...

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An Ancient Art of Idleness

06 March 2019 Sally

The Turks have just one word for this…….”keyif.” Turkish is a language that seems to be able to sum things up concisely but with heart and poetry. "Keyif" is a state of mind; The Ancient...

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Kadiköy….. A Bohemian town

09 February 2019 Sally

The people of Kadiköy seem to have always looked at the world a little differently.  When the founders of Byzantium established their colony on the perfect but unoccupied natural harbour that is the Golden Horn,...

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Ten amazing reasons to visit Turkey with us

09 January 2019 Sally

Turkey is a hugely diverse country in every respect where around every corner and over every ridge there are superlatives. Covering at least five climatic and geographical regions, Turkey has a wide cultural diversity with...

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