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The Protector

06 January 2019 Sally

  Istanbul is an ancient city in a remarkable location. Straddling the Bosphorus divide between Europe and Asia, it is one of the few world cities that combines landscape and waterscape to such stunning effect. Vancouver...

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From Armenia to the Aegean, a prehistoric journey. Part 2.

02 January 2019 Sally

After leaving Hartashen standing stones, we headed of to the border crossing point at Cildir on the Turkey/ Georgia border. Armenia has been a revelation…..a true treasure trove of prehistoric sites.  Once in Turkey we...

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From Armenia to the Aegean, a prehistoric journey. Part 1

11 October 2018 Eastern Turkey Tours

Anatolia has deep roots in human history, for it is here at Göbekli Tepe in Southeast Turkey, that we see the first signs of the domestication of grains around 12,000 years ago, but we began...

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The Wonders of Tbilisi

08 October 2018 Eastern Turkey Tours

Over September and October, we’ve been on an exploration trip, looking for some new tours and short breaks to add to our offerings. We’ve travelled Armenia and Georgia, and we’ve found some amazing places, rich...

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Hot off the Press!

10 September 2018 admin

We couldn't resist but to show these fabulous images from Mass at the Armenian Church of the Holy Cross. Based on Akdamar Island, Lake Van, and led by Patriarch Aram Ateşyan, seeing this kind of...

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