A culinary journey along the Silk Roads of Anatolia In the great cities of the world, fashionable chefs vie to produce innovative dishes for jaded pallets. The result has not only been the proliferation of ethnic restaurants in most major cities around the world, but the attempt to take it all a step further […]

This tour takes in prehistoric and megalithic sites of Armenia and Eastern Anatolia.   The tour links together the Ancient Urartian cities of Yerevan and Van by circumnavigating the Biblical Mountain of Ararat, which takes it name from Urartu.  The tour will visit major military sites of this extraordinary 9th and 8th Century B.C. civilisation.   At […]

Visit Göbekli Tepe and feel the pulse of time… Here at Göbekli Tepe lie the remains of the earliest religious structures built by man yet to be discovered. At about 11000-13000 years old this site pre-dates both pottery and writing and is far older that either Stonehenge in England or the great Egyptian Pyramids. In fact, less […]

The region of Lake Van really is a tour of romance. Starting with the romantic palace of Ishak Pasha in its splendid location and ending with the breathtaking and uplifting panorama of Nemrut Crater with so much to inspire along the way…

What is the Silk Road? The Silk Road, or as the Turks referred to it, Uzun Yol (Long Road), is an ancient trade route connecting the occident and the orient; running between China and Europe it has been an important conduit of commerce and knowledge since Classical times. The expansion of the Macedonian Empire under Alexander the Great probably provided the […]

An exceptional tour of the Megalithic sites of Turkey. Experience a rich cultural heritage, where you can literally get close to the stones

Mount Ararat is a standard four day trek, although some people manage to climb to the top in three. All measurements are estimates because distance and elevation markers do not exist. We arrange all equipment for the climb including tents, sleeping bags, pickaxe, hand lamp, mountaineering clothing and shoes. You will have a professional and […]

This is a four day (five nights) tour of Armenian churches and monasteries south and east of Lake Van. Explore Lake Van and its surroundings, from Varakavank (The Seven Churches) to St. John’s church on Gduts (Carpanak) island and taking in Garmir Vank and, St. Thomas’ church near the village of Kanzak (Altinsac), before finishing […]